From the recording NOT MARRIED ANYMORE


At the end of a rope
You never can tell
if this is heaven or hell
you live among angels
at the bottom of a well
your nose hits the dirt
as you hear the bell
you've lost another big deal
now there's nothing more to sell
You lived upon your status
you knew you were unique
you were born among the strong
had only scorn for the weak
the great big city artist
now is revealed to be a freak
there's no more magic karma
your importance is disappearing as we speak
The future full of promises
has emptied it's horn
no gypsy woman told your mother
the day you were born
that the boychild at her bosom
was a son of a gun
you were just another joker
now you're on your toes and run.
You thought you'd own houses
in every country on the globe
you thought among your friends
you'd count a king and a pope
the great shining future
was all vanity and hope
you're just another apeman
swinging at the end of a rope.
Maybe this is all
that was meant to be
not only for you
but also for them and for me
I guess that it will never
be too late to see
that everyone's making the best of it
while trying to be free.