From the recording NOT MARRIED ANYMORE


Once upon a time I had a girl and made her mine
she was great and I did everything to win
she was rough and she was sweet not like anyone you'd meet
now I wish I wasn't married anymore.
We talked deep and travelled far built a home and bought a car
had two kids and swore forever was our shore.
It was tough at times it's true but we dug in and pulled through
now I wish I wasn't married anymore.
She had this thing she couldn't stand seeing women with her man
be it collegues, friends or strangers passing by
It went from cold to hard and bad filling all the time we had
having talks and seeing shrinks, we had a try.
It got cluttered, it went cold, it was mean and it was cruel
it was something I don't wish for anyone.
We went following the curse with each day a gettin' worse
I just wished i wasn't married anymore.
Even after years of hurt, after throwing 'round the dirt
we thought love could lead us through these stormy seas.
It was vain and did no good we did things we never should
we both wished we wasn't married anymore.
The things she threw at me could be anything, you see
did not hurt half as much as what she said.
I was trying to recall the time we had a ball
searching shelter I had no wish to die.
To end this tale of woe there's much more as you will know
it is over and I'm free and feeling fine.
The page is turned and hope's come home I look forward and I roam
I'm so happy, I'm not married anymore.