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The man they call ass plays rock in the broad sense with a punk and prankster .attitude...

Iconoclastic and humoristic protest-songs, struggling with the world of today, and the two fingers in the socket. The energy-burst of the moment.

Stéphane Déchamps



Rock 'n Folk nov 2014

There is everything on the album THE MAN THEY CALL ASS, name behind which officiates Hasse Poulsen, in the company of accomplices assembled for a string of sessions: an offbeat blue note intro, dylanesque folk, mutant blues, ballads, atmospheric rock, and even a hint of rockabilly. This musical kaleidoscope written and recorded over a period of a decade combines the songs of this Anglophone singer (born in Denmark and livingin the Parisian suburbs) who manages to keep it together thanks to his voice, the strong ambiances, and creativity.





In spite of that it was released in the late spring, we can say that this is one of this fall's most explosive CD releases!

But make no mistake: Hasse Poulsen, well known in the jazz world for his creative pranks together Vincent Courtois, Louis Sclavis ("Napoli's Walls"), Helene Labarriére, Christophe Marguet and François Corneloup, or with the explosive Progressive Patriots, Das Kapital or quartet We are All Americans, presents itself this time as a guitar singer-songwriter, as a mixture of many sources of inspiration brewed along with a naturalness that is far from the jazz world!

The Man They Call Ass ... funny name? It's a teasing hint to all those who with a poor grasp of foreign languages ​​adamantly pronounce his name as the posterior part of the body (in English). This "man they call Ass", nourishes a boundless admiration for the great song champions Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Peter Blegvad, Paul Simon and many others - which he kindly explains to Citizen Jazz in a fascinating conversation. He tells not only about his idols, but also about the creation of a rock album with several accents - from folk ballads to punkish ranting, through rockabilly or country, Poulsen firing on all cylinders, navigating happily through the different atmospheres. This truth-album touches perfection, and he recognizes that this is probably the best record he has ever recorded. The man who is known as a guitarist buccaneer reveals himself as a songwriter and singer. And not just any!

Hasse Poulsen does not write songs just to stand with his guitar in front of an audience, even if it is for him "the purest form of music." Because in addition to being a brilliant musician that needs no presentation, he is a clear observer of the absurdities of our world, a columnist of our concerns, at both committed and disenchanted, he presses where it hurts.

Whether denouncing irresponsible politicians ("The President Of France Is A Criminal") or our worship of consumerism ("Until Everything Is Sold"), or point the finger at the mainstream media's perverse role ("Michael Moore"), or of religious wickedness and illusions ("There's Nothing In Heaven"), Poulsen finds the words that hits hard and accurately. Equally compelling is his sometimes disillusioned vision of love ("I Told You"), his diary as the travelling musician who is only passing by ("Ballad In Plain A") or his poetic impulses ("I ToldYou"), to very spacey atmospheres ("I'd Like to Fly").

Sings Until Everything Is Sold, is published by Das Kapital Records and counts fourteen songs, all written by Hasse Poulsen (except "New Year", based on a poem by Danish Simon Grotrian), which takes advantage of the valuable coincidences that make a great record. Poulsen is able to count on his friends: drummer Edward Perraud, the unpredictable companion from Das Kapital, described as "a physical manifestation of pure imagination"; and Henrik S. Simonsen, bassist from Progressive Patriots, who with his bass and his ability to set things in their right place is a guarantee of groove. A trio whose fourth member is Gilles Olivesi who has done a stellar job with the sound. Hasse Poulsen says that Gilles has had "a huge influence on the music." Note also the presence of the string quartet IXI led by Régis Hubyon one title and Claudia Poulsen's vocals on two others.

Hasse Poulsen, this man called Ass, sings the disenchantment of a world threatened by the depletion of vital resources themselves objects of commerce. We must hope that his inspiration, at least, will never dry out, because we in addition to a first class songwriter see a lovely singer stand up after many years of maturation. Along with TMTC Ass we can complain that the order of the day is unbridled trade, but we hope he will stay by our side for a long time to speak up against this this deviation. In music.


Hélène Collon


Jazz News & Liberation.fr


Hasse Poulsen, An album of rock-songs performed by guitarist from the free jazz trio Das Kapital, it's like if David Bowie began to compose like Boulez: we are confused, we lose the sense of reality, we think we're watching a film. Well, let's spread the word: the gods of jazz bless the amalgam! The Dane who lives in Les Lilas, chants the first title (The President of France is a Criminal), in the style of Lou Reed. Then follows I Told You Suit with a touch of Dylan, caressed by the ixi string quartet quartet and Regis Huby's violin. Percussionist Edward Perraud shakes Until Everything is Sold making the drums sound like a washing machine. The 13 compositions (+ 1 with lyrics by Simon Grotrian) oozes the wood of his guitars. Precious!

Hasse Poulsen

The Man They Call Ass plays Until Everything Is Sold

(Das Kapital Records / L'Autre Distribution)

Bruno Pfeiffer Jazz News & Liberation.fr




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