Hasse Poulsen

Not married anymore
once upon a time I had a girl and made her mine
she was great and I did everything to win
she was rough and she was sweet not like anyone you'd meet
now I wish I wasn't married anymore.
We talked deep and travelled far built a home and bought a car
had two kids and swore forever was our shore.
It was tough at times it's true but we dug in and pulled through
now I wish I wasn't married anymore.
She had this thing she couldn't stand seeing women with her man
be it collegues, friends or strangers passing by
It went from cold to hard and bad filling all the time we had
having talks and seeing shrinks, we had a try.
It got cluttered, it went cold, it was mean and it was cruel
it was something I don't wish for anyone.
We went following the curse with each day a gettin' worse
I just wished i wasn't married anymore.
Even after years of hurt, after throwing 'round the dirt
we thought love could lead us through these stormy seas.
It was vain and did no good we did things we never should
we both wished we wasn't married anymore.
The things she threw at me could be anything, you see
did not hurt half as much as what she said.
I was trying to recall the time we had a ball
searching shelter I had no wish to die.
To end this tale of woe there's much more as you will know
it is over and I'm free and feeling fine.
The page is turned and hope's come home I look forward and I roam
I'm so happy, I'm not married anymore.
Drink to my health
Drink to my health, drink well
stamp your boots, raise hell
join the hooting and howling
dance with a flame in your heart
swallow the souls of desire
be the queen of love's empire
live like a burning fire
fare well
Mess around with me beware
touch my soul, if you dare
There's more to it than hootin' and a'howlin'
better than a smack in the eye
it's the good times for you and for me
summer at the edge of the sea
a flower who has found it's bee
take care
Be unfaithful or be true
it only depends on you
Follow the path of your longings
greet the day with a smile
enjoy the daring fear of chance
be the first to join the dance
greet the love that falls into your hands
a dieu
We both know that we've had our time
when I was yours, and you were mine
we done a lot of hootin' and a'howlin'
party to the break of dawn
There were good times sweet to remember
others as grey as november
fill your pockets with tears of ember
bye bye
Ask yourself
You have to ask yourself a question.
You have to ask yourself just once.
You have to go below your face to find a shadow of truth.
You have to see through all these lies
seeing through the easy tales, below the love gone stale
Below beyond belief. Below beyond your grief.
You have to open up your heart
You have to open up your mind.
There is no easy way to cope oh no, it would have been known.
You have to take yourself head on
going through each hard fought round taking beats and going down.
Below beyond your belief to find the words of relief, of relief.
A single day
This has been a very long divorce
what took so long? What took so long?
Did we need to stretch the pain so far?
You never wanted me at all
Not a single day
Still we went through years of married life
It seemed so right. It seemed so right.
Building up a home took all our time
We thought we loved this life. Every single day!
I know that I tried and I know that I cared
I tried but always failed.
Now I know I couldn't change the track
that we were so determined to follow.
Now we have to face this end of love
it is so sad. It is so sad.
This is when we end the life we shared
we thought forever, but no:
It was just a single day. It was just a single day.
At the end of a rope
You never can tell
if this is heaven or hell
you live among angels
at the bottom of a well
your nose hits the dirt
as you hear the bell
you've lost another big deal
now there's nothing more to sell
You lived upon your status
you knew you were unique
you were born among the strong
had only scorn for the weak
the great big city artist
now is revealed to be a freak
there's no more magic karma
your importance is disappearing as we speak
The future full of promises
has emptied it's horn
no gypsy woman told your mother
the day you were born
that the boy child at her bosom
was a son of a gun
you were just another joker
now you're on your toes and run.
You thought you'd own houses
in every country on the globe
you thought among your friends
you'd count a king and a pope
the great shining future
was all vanity and hope
you're just another apeman
swinging at the end of a rope.
Maybe this is all
that was meant to be
not only for you
but also for them and for me
I guess that it will never
be too late to see
that everyone's making the best of it
while trying to be free.
What kind of a world
Hey! What kind of a world is this?
I don't understand anything at all.
We have all been trapped
in a tragedy a nightmare
with no hope of escape.
Hey, Have we reached the end of all we know?
Have we gone too far killing of our star?
Is the final show
a tragedy a nightmare
with no one to applaud?
I don't see no way to get out
maybe I don't know where to look.
I dream of being amazed
of someone proving me wrong.
Hey, what kind of a world is this
No one feels at ease, no one feels at home
the wrong ones reach the top
in this irony, this masquerade
in this sad and old worn out world
in this sad and old worn out world.
Thanks for the fight
I know it's nothing compared to the pain we saw
the misery in the world all around
made our dance around pride and a broken heart
seem so small, so banal so vain.
Your words were so hard your eyes so cold
compared to what I'd known before
what came out of your mouth would not hold up in court
they were words meant to kill and dispose.
All through the day all through the night
I long to hear you say:
"It was good being with you thanks for the fight.
We seemed to live on planets apart
not a word meant the same here as there
I said: "let us both save our skin and go on"
you thought I was pointing a gun.
I want to be your friend you want to see me dead
but why after all these years
Why blame me for life's passing why blame at all.
A time has come and gone.
All through the day all through the night
I long to hear you say:
"It was good being with you thanks for the fight.
So take a deep breath and start looking ahead
at the pleasures you'll meet on your way
not with me that's for sure but with somebody new
more worthy than me for you.
All through the day all through the night
I long to hear you say:
"It was good being with you thanks for the fight.
This is the day
It is up to you
if anything's gonna be
between us at all
anything at all
you have to decide now
one of these days
one of these days
If the time has come
you'd better not hesitate
you cannot trust fate
never trust fate
it's all your decision
if we will be
if we will be.
Is it all or not?
you can't pretend anymore
that it is not you
that has to choose what to do
you have to decide now
this is the day
this is the day
Hollow old bone
What were you thinking when you served me the deal?
What went through your head as you turned on your heel?
”Get out of my life, please. The ”please” is just polite.
I want you gone arrivederci, get out of my sight.”
I counted the stars as I looked to the sky
the numbers seemed right when I started to cry.
You swallowed my pride and spit out the stone.
Left me here without marrow a hollow old bone.
Your eyes looked beyond me into something great.
I was trying my best but it was years too late.
Your dream had left our cottage for some far unknown vale.
I was left with a burning and a sign sayin' ”for sale”.
I counted the stars as I looked to the sky
the numbers seemed right when I started to cry.
You swallowed my pride and spit out the stone.
Left me here without marrow a hollow old bone.
You say it's for me to take the big step
you say it is I, who wants to leave your bed
do you remember the anger, do you remember the pain
when the words you were heeding were ”never again”.
I counted the stars as I looked to the sky
the numbers seemed right when I started to cry.
You swallowed my pride and spit out the stone.
Left me here without marrow a hollow old bone.
Here comes the bride on a stallion all well kept and strong
I lost my mind and my heart, then she left and travelled along.
When you bid me farewell will you please take my hand
and remember the years when we were woman and man.
The laughs we did share and the things we went through
I thought the word ”forever” was a synonym for ”you”.
I counted the stars as I looked to the sky
the numbers seemed right when I started to cry.
You swallowed my pride and spit out the stone.
Left me here without marrow a hollow old bone
I need a new girl
I need a new girl in my life, a new face in my dreams
I need a new voice to tell me things who knows all my favourite schemes
With warm hands on my breast a fresh breeze ligthing up my chest
The time is now it seems
I need a woman who loves like fire, a playmate to run by my side
I need a woman with a strong desire to be my partner and my guide
she'll tell me things I need to know and grab every chance on the go
I'm opening up the curtains for the show
Should it be a blond girl with big breasts, a tall girl with brown hair,
a sweet thing with street flair, maternal beauty full of care.
I know she's out there the star of my love affair
coming down the marble le stair to cuddle up her hairy bear.
I need a strong life by my side a voice I'll enjoy to hear.
She'll be a loving wife by and by for now a lover and a musketeer
to bring me through the darkest night and laugh when everything is alright
The time is now I'm ready for you now.
In a dead man's skull
Key's in the water
stranded on the sand
desert of emotions
it's time to be a man.
noises in the alley
become voices in the head
illusions of importance
echo from the dead
Love is just a bit of it
pride takes it's part
turmoil of time passing
in search of a new start
people getting through their storms
don't come easy says they
you gotta do what you gotta do
it's that kind of day
Please, Please
tell me where to go
give a sign to follow
a door to sneak through
imprisoned in this all man's land
a place where yes means no
see it all and turn the head
fly high or lay low
it's ten for the money
trying not to show
you asked me here honey
now I have to go
hiding as a dead man's skull
shark row of skeleton fangs
sausageful of fingers
the day ying killed yang
What's on your mind
Come on Sally Tell me
Tell me what's on your mind
Tell me what you hide in your heart.
Tell, don't lie. You want to go away
You, You want to get on your way. Away, away
Come say goodbye
Come say goodbye
Tell me goodbye
Come here Sally come here
please, please take my hand.
Feel the warmth of my skin.
Feel the beat of my heart
Feel the beat of my pain, again, this pain
Feel the break of a heart, this heart, my heart.
Come say goodbye
Come say goodbye
Tell me goodbye
Ship full of ghosts
I'm tryin' to hold onto what happened before
I'm trying to avoid you going out the door
I cling to the whispering dreams of last fall
I think if I listen I'll still hear you call.
It's all so unreal, it cannot be true
if you'll hold onto my hand noone will need to go.
Nothing has happened so why did we fail
is it all just a thought of life going stale?
I want to keep what we had, I want to live it again
for nothing in the world I'll accept the end.
For the rest of my days I'll keep singing your song
the song full of beauty from before things went wrong.
Holding on to whatever we think we had goin'
you carried our dreams while I did the bowing
when the going get's tough and the water starts flowing
you found a ship and sailed away
a ship that held just one and it was you that day.
I was noone for you, you was all for me
I used to live in a country, now I'm a refugee.
"We have long years of laughter before us", you said
then later you told me that all love was dead.
How could I or anyone else believe
that a love so strong was meant to deceive?
I still think it's a nightmare and I'll wake up soon
but all I can hear is a sad mumbled tune.
You show me your back, but I remember your face
you treat med so hard, I still see your grace.
The love and the beauty, it was all so plain
is lying as a corpse where you left it slain.
I still wish to hold onto what happened before
to the dreams that seeped through the cracks in the door
I thought I gave you all, but you wanted much more
The ship full of ghosts that took you away
brings back wisdom and freedom at the end of the day.
Thousand voices
This is about the thousand voices
you hear when you want to think clear.
The things that you hear
at times of night when all is asleep
and thoughts are rolling into the deep
glossy lips too close to your eyes
glossy truths and terribly beautiful lies.
Larger than life the thousand voices
that fill you with trouble and fear
stab through your ear
the frozen blood of pain and defeat
despair and pity cling to your feet
it's too late to close your eyes
all too late it's awfully clear that you've lost
it all.
Only sometimes
It can only be sometimes that things turn out right.
sometimes you're lucky, so lucky. and sometimes not at all.
But the one time is all you remember to this day.
The things that shaped your dreams when everything's right.
The moments of truth we call them, our moments of bliss.
When something falls to pieces breaks in your hands
It might be very important or maybe not.
most likely it's just another thing to forget.
in the turmoil of the days running over you, over and away forever.
This is here and now and everything's right. in this moment.
This moment of truth we're living, this moment of life.