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Stray and Roam

What comes out of nothing
has nowhere to go
who has no past
has nothing to show
who has no people
never had a home
must travel and wander
must stray and roam

she thought it was easy
that life was a game
all would be given
on the road to fame
her good luck and beauty
her passionate flame
it was written in the stars
when she got her name

Her father had struggled
to give her a home
her mother's heart broke
when she was far too young
Her sisters and brothers
left when they could
to travel and wander
to stray and roam.

She came to the city
the first in a line
The work she was offered
was worse than the mine
This is just for now
a step on the way
I come out of nothing
I'm gonna win this day.


Highway to an Accident


Paramedics singing in the car on the way to an accident

heaven sent, got the vent, before the local government.

Polymetrics finishing the groove where the square laid off.

Binary entanglements lost in confusamental pseudo scientific amazement parks

in groups of one-of-a-kinds following diplomatic depersonalized publishers notes and self elected leader goats.

Anything goes

sorcerers woes

shoplifter's syndicat predicting a national strike exactly on the queens's triple-digit birthday.

Or somebody' else's.

Who cares?

Repetition as religion, a mental scateboard soaped in encyclopedic experience.

When I go down, you'll grow up to find your own slopes.

A good beating never hurt your father, but a good song had him married for life despite countless pleas.

What makes you think you'll be happier than the rest of us 

Paralympic chess champions fighting it out with buttered scones, the toaster is broken and they don't know who to blame

This is the catch

the sorcerers match

winner of the day finally arriving to the party beginning to count the years since the last recognizable face.

This is the true meaning of faith says the rented authority smiling from his own photo on the wall.

You had to do it, didn't you ?

You always had it in you ?

We saw it

no they didn't, they never do, but nothing beats predicting the past even when the waltz they danced to used to have so many more beats, that it at the time seemed almost indecent. Now everything is under control to an extent where you can teach it in schools.You can always pay someone to cut the corpse out of the car.  


While I'm Alive


Don't you know, I'm just trying to survive

in this world full of misery and strife.

Whatever you did, whatever I said

I just want to be with you while I'm Alive


In the Morning when the sun lays upon youur face

and you move in youur slow gracious pace.

Whatever is wrong, whatever is right,

I just wanna be with youu another night.


While I feel lonesome, when all is blue

I search your heartbeat, knowing you'll stay true.


In this jungle where the strongest takes the price

where love is just a merchandise

You turn your head my way and smile as if to say:

I just want to be with you while I'm alive


It's all Over

It's all over

It's all over

It's all over

for someone, someone that I know

It's all over

I'm sad it's so

what a way to go

It's all over for him for him.


(In memory of David Bowie)


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