Thomas Fryland: trumpet, flygelhorn
Hasse Poulsen: guitar

evocative and emotional atmospheres of familiar musical landscapes set to new tones

Thomas Fryland - Hasse Poulsen

It may seem surprising that the two musicians, Poulsen and Fryland, join together as duo. One is known as a spending his time with experiments in a multitude of unpredictable groups and album releases. The other is a virtuoso classical jazz trumpet player with a great international career.

The music ties them together. The love for the good melody, for the improvisation and for the sincerity and presence that music allows make them ideal partners. They draw on their rich and multifaceted experiences to lead even the simple and rigorous songs into deep and surprising worlds. The duo enrolls in the tradition of jazz duos such as Fitzgerald / Pass - Shepp / Parlan - Coleman / Kühn.

In June 2018 Fryland and Poulsen were invited to play at a jazz service in the old church of Søllerød. The interaction between the two was so intense and intimate that the two musicians could not do nothing but continue the collaboration.
Together, they have created a repertoire of newly written compositions for hymns by Simon Grotrian, a poet who expresses himself in a direct and understandable imagery as well as contemporary hymns and songs, written as prayers of hope for modern people.
Just to mention: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Bridge over Troubled Water by Paul Simon,
Hymn to Freedom by Oscar Peterson, Imagine by John Lennon, The Strangest Dream... Songs that express the dream of a better world.

The trumpeter Thomas Fryland is one of Denmark's finest jazz musicians with a major career internationally behind him as a sideman with a.k.a. Phil Woods, Lee Konitz and Benny Golson and with recordings in his own name in the company of a string of Denmark's best jazz players.
Guitarist Hasse Poulsen, whose career is primarily played on the stages of France and Europe with groups such as Das Kapital and Louis Sclavis, are stylistically very broad with extremes from the most inquisitive music to singer-songwriting,

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I Dream a World (Langston Hughes / Hasse Poulsen)


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Måske imorgen (Maybe tomorrow)

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