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Busking, Hélène Labarrière (double bass) and Hasse Poulsen (guitar), two musicians, two explorers, two researchers who have made Improvisation the pivot of their world of infinite discoveries a

nd constant development. Many years together constructing and deconstructing personal compositions (Les temps changent, Désordre), has led to aneed tofind new roads for their common adventure. As working with songs is a main interest for both protagonists ("I got the blues" with Violaine Schwartz, a duet with Rodolphe Burger, solo concerts by Hélène - "The Man They Call Ass", "The Langston Project" by Hasse ) a repertoire of songs is their new common playground.

Busking features pearls of French and Danish pop, treasures from the myth of America, some hits and and a rap without words (Rap ohne Worte, Schubert would have said). The songs of Busking brush the instuments in the sense ot the strings – and against them - in an intimate set of pure jubilation.


BUSKING on SoundCloud

BUSKING on YouTube: FORMIDABLE live à Tulle (Bleu en Hiver) 

                                      TAKE THIS WALTZ (du CD) bonne fêtes de Sons d'Hiver

                                      These 2 tunes and all the original versions of the songs played on the CD BUSKING


     Since the release of the CD, Busking has played: 



Sons d'hiver 

Cluny Jazz Festival 

Atlantique Jazz festival

Reims Jazz Festival

Rencontres Internationales de Nevers

Jazz Festival Münster

Jazz Festival Tulle

Europa Jazz Festival au Mans

Festival Bordures




Les Anges

La Petite Criée

Café Boulevard, Melle

Théâtre au Clain

Sous les palmiers, la Plage


Le Cri du Port 

Le La Itou 



"A timeless disc whose quiet elegance should go straight to the heart of lovers of all music." Denis Desassis

"This sparkling album is for all we know, in all simplicity, the first good musical news in 2016." Jean Rochard

 "Busking" is simply a beautiful CD to which I recommend an excellent red. You can hear that Poulsen excels in the company of bassist star Labarrière. This is a very generous disk, which deserves to be listened to often tat home all through winter and spring. Jan Granlie

"On this record, the two musicians concentrate on what is essential: the musicality." Yves Dorisson, Culture Jazz

 "With Busking, Hélène Labarrière and Hasse Poulsen offer delicious instrumental versions of popular songs. " Jacques Birgé, Médiapart

 "The two comrades stir up a party on Formidable (Stromae), Let it Die (Feist), revisit their childhood tunes on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Lennon / McCartney), opening up an unheard choreography. Join in." BRUNO PFEIFFER, Libération

"And you find it in each piece on this disc : the loot! For these remnderings of known songs, often catchy, are small treasures of inventiveness and delicacy. " Matthieu Jouan  CITIZENJAZZ

" With delicacy, lyricism and a certain freedom the duettists take us from track to track through whole sections of the popular collective memory. A way of sharing with jubilation. " Didier Pennequin , LE QUOTIDIEN DU MEDECIN

. "Thus confirming the achemist virtues of jazzmusicians, able to transform, um questionable, material into gold." Jazzmagazine

"Two adventurers made to get along in the pursuit of the unheard"   Telerama













photo : Bruno Chavaret


photo: Ansgar Bolle





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